Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life Time: Lightning Strike

To make a long story short, lightning hit the house last week. There was a tornado warning all night, which resulted in myself and my coworkers spending most of the night in storm shelter, and I came home to find the cable was off and the stove didn't work. Nothing too serious. However, in the morning I found out from my parents what happened, that several plugs throughout the house were now useless, along with the water softener and, most disconcertingly, the A/C and furnace. I don't know if it's spring where you are yet, but here in Ohio it's still pretty cold. Luckily my aunt was able to loan us an electric heater to keep the main rooms in the house warm.

Even so, it's not like we're suffering in any way. We're lucky no one was hurt, that everything broken can be replaced. The strangest part has been doing without television or internet for a week. For my parents it meant watching a lot of old movies they dug up around the house, for me it meant a lot of reading, not to mention a lot of quiet. I've said before that my car radio is broken, and how odd the silence can be driving home in the middle of the night. It's even more so to have that silence continue, for it to follow me through the front door and up to my bedroom, to stay with me until I get back to work the next afternoon. Thanks to my odd hours, the chit chat I share with coworkers is sometimes the only human interaction I have all day. For it to be some of the only sound I hear at all, well, let's just say I'm glad we've got the cable and internet turned on again.

Is it weird that I kind of wish I had been here when the lightning hit? I feel like the coolest part of the story has been taken from me, and all I got was the annoying aftermath. According to my parents it was just a really loud boom, no sparks, no dramatics, just boom. Which is pretty lame, actually. This story is lame. I'm sorry I bothered you with it, I just wanted to talk about what's been going on lately, I guess. I'll leave you with this picture of Luna, one of our cats, who got so cold last night she made herself into a snugly blanket burrito:

Hopefully everything's going well with you, whoever you are, whenever you're reading this. I hope you're as happy and safe as a kitten burritoed up in a blanket.

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